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Another couple of recs

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Aug. 29th, 2006 | 02:47 am
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posted by: eloiselovelace in motorbikeslash

I was inspired by the recent rec post by oddbobs (also the first post NOT BY ME to this community)... so here we are, recommendations to couple of fics I've been meaning to share here for a very long time.

Motorbike Dreams by franticbabbles.
This story is absolutely fantastic in using the motorbike as a central feature in chronicling Remus' relationship to Sirius. Poignant and beautifully written, this story is gutwrenching in a quiet, understated sort of way. Also, in addition to crushing your soul, it is also sexy in the middle! I often shy away from angst, but you really shouldn't in this case, because it's just so incredibly evocative and real. It's a must-read that demonstrates that the motorbike can be implemented in stories to effect angst as well as smut.

Fallen, Alternate Version by CLS.
Sequel to Black Shadow which is non-slashy but features the start of the beautiful relationship between Sirius and his bike. In this, the NC-17 slashy version of the sequel, Remus gets added on to the relationship... and that is definitely the way it should be!! These stories feature particularly detailed research and very creative ideas on what kind of motorbike Sirius would have -- I definitely buy it!

The Gift by Siryn.
Sirius trusts Remus enough to give him the keys to his motorbike. If that's not love, I don't know what is. And, of course, it's also smut, because Remus + Sirius + Motorbike = OT3. Particularly nice because it's the first fic I've read where Remus wants to take the bike for a spin, and come on, you know that's hot.

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