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Sep. 24th, 2006 | 05:02 pm
posted by: oddsbobs in motorbikeslash

Hi everyone!  Been a while, hasn't it?  I've been trudging through R/S fics lately, and took a note whenever I stumbled upon some bike!fic.  Here are the results, just in time to brighten your weeks.  Enjoy!

Drive a Little by Maple Tide
Summary: "Come on, drive a little, nothing is forever. It's got to be something better than in the middle."
There isn’t much plot here, and the writing could possibly be a bit better. However, Maple Tide does a great job exploring what Remus must have felt after Sirius was taken to Azkaban. It’s cool because the bike is part of his grieving process. 
Wild Thing by Luna
Summary: Horny wizards, flying motorbikes, silly songs...
Ok let’s see if I can make this as appealing as it should sound… The initial use of the bike could be described as foreplay. There’s a twist in the middle that’s delicious. My only regret is that Luna kept it PG-13. Would have made a great R.
Summary: Sirius is a little too fond of his bike. Remus is a little too jealous.
The author says it all: For poufywerewolf, who requested top!Remus/Sirius, on/against Sirius' motorcycle (not in motion or in air, but can be on), oral (Sirius is the giver); Sirius bent over the bike. Kinky is good; chaps optional [no chaps, sorry!]. Remus talks dirty calling Sirius slutty/eager; humiliation. Hair pulling.   ::MELTS:: Totally NC-17
Summary: Sirius’ motorbiking leathers pique Remus’ interest.
Ok so this one weaseled its way onto the list. No motorbike exactly, but the buying of the motorbike (and subsequent leathers) starts the sexual tension. Yummy NC-17
Sirius must apologize to Remus. Then there’s sex on the bike. Another NC-17.
Summary: "He’s only ever loved males before – one male, to be exact. Still loves him, but now she’s the one who takes his breath away." PG-13/light R for implications
A Star Night by EnchantedOnyx
This was written for one of the Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest Challenge #6: Joining the "mile high club" (either on the motorcycle or a broom). You get the idea.
Mile High by Losselen
Also for Challenge #6 of the R/S FQF. R

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Eloise Lovelace

(no subject)

from: eloiselovelace
date: Sep. 28th, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)

OMG! YAY!!! Thank you so, so much!

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