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motorbikeslash's Journal

Slash featuring Sirius' Flying Motorbike
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This community was originally created to consolidate slash fanfic stories that prominently feature Sirius' Flying Motorbike from the Harry Potter books (and movies). However, any fiction involving motorbikes and gayness, regardless of fandom, is welcome!

I fully expect the primary pairing to be Sirius/Remus, because Remus/Sirius/motorbike is my OT3, but I've also read lovely Harry/Draco motorbike fic, and see no reason why other pairings, and even fandoms, couldn't also have a go at the motorcycle love.

We welcome:
-- recommendations of fic
-- posting of fic
-- recommendations and posting of fanart
-- authors posting here to get information about how motorcycles work so that their own fic doesn't make biker slashfans cringe. :)
-- discussions about the motorbike - what type is it, what model and make is it, what would Sirius have called it, what happens to it after Hagrid borrows it, is it presently trysting with the Weasley's Ford Anglia in the Forbidden Forest?
-- any other content on topic of the flying motorbike (including non-slash stories!)
-- anything relevant to gay motorbike(r)s or the people who ride them. :)

A posting is relevant:
-- if it is slash that features the motorcycle in any tangential way.
-- if it is gen or het that features the motorbike as a prominent character.
-- if it is actually pairing the motorbike itself, such as say, with Mr. Weasley's flying car or with the cute little Vespa you just know Ginny is going to get.
-- if it's slashy and it features some other motorcycle in a prominent way.
-- if you think it's relevant to some of the topics addressed by this community. Some motorbike content would be nice.

This is an incredibly specific niche community, so I don't imagine we'll have too much trouble staying on track. Basically, if it features the motorbike (or any other motorbike), post it. If it doesn't feature the motorbike (or any motorbike), don't. If in doubt, email the moderator: eloise.lovelace@gmail.com.

The one important rule is to play nice. No being a wanker. We leave that to Sirius, in both senses of the word.